Here's What They're Saying About Us
Our customers depend on us to provide reliable, useful products and exceptional customer service.  We do our best to meet and exceed their high standards.  Here is what our customers say about our efforts.
Ken is a professional, he paid his dues and understands that what a dealer truly needs might conflict with his own, but he never allows that to get in the way of doing a terrific job. If there were more Reps like him, perhaps factories would be thinking twice about going direct.
Over the past 5 years, being associated with Sapphire Marketing has opened more doors than I thought was possible.  Most recently, in July of 2010 my company moved from providing many mediocre products to providing a single solution for all products, Crestron.  By working with Ben DeFilippo on a weekly basis I have the ability to keep track of the latest products released, product support and general questions from a single phone call.  Ben even makes sure to forward all emails if and when there’s a major product update and tech bulletin from Crestron. The follow through and persistence from Ben at Sapphire has been nothing but professional and has been an asset to my company. I am looking forward in reaching my Crestron goals for yet another year.

I have dealt with many sales reps for our various lines for many years and like others’ experiences, I generally don’t have much use for them as they tend not to deliver much value to their lines. However, I have worked with reps from Sapphire Marketing consistently since 1995 and have to say that, universally, they have been the best, most attentive representatives that I have dealt with in our industry!  Every one of them has been conscientious, available and have worked hard on our behalf to assist in making our business and our working relationship with the vendors very successful.  I consider Sapphire a valuable partner.


Ben DeFilippo took over the position of our Sapphire rep last year, and as usual with new reps, we were suspicious of his ability to serve our needs and be a benefit, not a liability, to our operation.  In true Sapphire form, he jumped right in and started proving to us that he wanted to be a great advantage.  And he has not disappointed!  In a little over one short year, he has become one of the most important assets to our company.  He always works tirelessly for our success with the vendors that he represents. In addition, we depend on his perspective concerning our industry, as he has great working experience and a vision for what we do. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Ben, and Sapphire.

I have had the privilege of working with Narayan for almost eight years. Not only is he responsive and knowledgeable,  he genuinely cares about both HB’s and HB’s client’s needs. I don’t hesitate to call upon him for minor miracles when needed and more often than not he comes through. Narayan is a genuinely good human being and a great asset to Sapphire Marketing.
Sapphire Marketing has consistently been an excellent manufacturers rep firm over the years.  We have primarily worked with Jen Safady and she has assisted us (HiDEF) with ANYTHING we needed from any manufacturer she reps.  Most often we work with Jen on Crestron products, design questions, training, and of course service.  Response time to our needs is always very prompt and we can count on Jen and Sapphire to get the job DONE.
Lainie represents the best-case scenario for a Manufacturer's Rep: energetic, outgoing, technically proficient yet down to earth, and very well thought of in the dealer and consultant community. I've had the pleasure of working with Lainie on numerous projects, and thanks to her obsessive attention to detail the experience is always smooth and valuable. A great asset to any team.
Lainie is one of those industry people that needs no introduction, and is a staple in the AV world. She is someone that can always be counted on and trusted, two rare qualities that go a long way with me. Her passion for her career shines each and every day. Over the years, we've become more than just industry partners and I consider her a good friend. I recommend her highly in any opportunity she pursues.