Our Team

Marla Suttenberg

Tel: 201-476-1071 | Fax: 201-476-1072

Starting on the manufacturer’s side of things, Marla quickly realized her talents lay in the ability to get face-to-face with her clients, and support them in the field.  For the next 20 years she worked for manufacturer rep organizations covering the Northeast US.  In January 2001, Marla formed Sapphire Marketing.  Her goal was to be unique force in the territory, and quickly built up a professional sales team supporting the residential and commercial marketplace.


Marla’s career has paralleled the technology path of our industry- from her beginnings in the ‘film’ end of our business, to her current position as owner of Sapphire Marketing LLC representing the industry’s most technologically-advanced manufacturers; she remains invigorated by the technologies, and presenting them to her clients.


Marla is currently on the IPRO Board of Directors, and is Chairperson of the Membership Committee.  www.avreps.org