Videoconferencing made easy with Crestron room control and DigitalMedia™.
Crestron Boardroom shot
Stewart Filmscreen

Blending the lines of architecture, audio, and engineering, Leon's custom shop can design and fabricate creative and visually stimulating systems that bring life to any commercial space.


Leon art speaker
Who did Christie call when they wanted a complex MicroTile installation in their own lobby in Canada? RP Visual Solutions!
RP Visual shot Ceeds 2013
Crestron lighting sets the right mood whether the family is watching a movie or entertaining guests. And control is just a tap away with the homeowner’s iPad- Photo courtesy of Osbee. 
Crestron Osbee Home shot
RPVisuals Project, Empire State Building NYC
RPV Empire State Bldg

Leon's Horizon and Profile speakers are perfectly matched to any display, every time, delivering an exquisite performance, seamlessly integrated into any environment.


Leon conference Room
Law Firm with x18 Arthur Holm 17" Dynamic 2 Monitors installed.
Arthur Holm photo
The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission holds the record for the widest MicroTile installation in the world—and RP Visuals’ mounts made it happen.
rp visual shot 2013
Digital Projection used in Fela! Live on Broadway
Digital Projection Live on Broadway
Leon Horizon
RPVisuals Microsoft Flagship Store NYC
RPV Microsoft
Salamander Designs Low Profile  cabinet / display mount
Salamander Low Profile
Providing Integrated and reliable solutions for corporate, educational and residential applications.


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